Sculptor artist Pierre Nagel

Ornamental sculptor artist

Pierre Nagel discovered the world of ornamentation and furniture in 2001 during his studies at Ecole Boulle (National High School of Applied Art) in Paris, France where he became familiar with the woodcarving techniques and French ornamental styles.

After working as a woodcarver, Pierre accepted in 2009 the proposition to work with the famous plaster company Auberlet & Laurent in Paris, where he designed and produced models in plasters, mostly inspired French styles.

In 2015 he moved to Avignon to work with Atelier Jean Loup Bouvier. Here Pierre specialized in restoration of historical monuments, sculpture, stone carving, and plaster works. While at Bouvier he worked on many prestigious places like the Palais de l’Elysee (French presidencial residence), the restoration of Hotel Carlton, and a variety of different historical places from XVII-XVIII century.

His mastery of ancient traditional techniques and knowledge of a variety of different materials allows Pierre to take on any project from historical restorations to creating modern styles using the latest techniques and materials.